A Biographical Sketch of Sebastian’s Life and Career

Sebastian Boswell III is considered by many to be one of the most distinctive performers in the field of mentalism, the art and entertainment of EXTRODINARY MENTAL POWERS. His signature style, quick wit, and ability to connect with an audience, has him in demand for events of every description. As an INTERNATIONAL PERFORMER, his career spans the distance from the theaters of Helsinki, Finland to the country music stages of Norman, Oklahoma, and almost everywhere in between. He has yet to perform in Qatar or Newfoundland, but the century is still relatively young.

Sebastian has been performing HIS AMAZING DEMONSTRATIONS for over 25 years. He has studied the power of the mind for much longer, having first been introduced to the subject by the groundbreaking book, Thought Transference, or The Radio Communication of the Human Mind by Edmund Shaftesbury. As a youth, Sebastian was walking the aisles of a mysterious and musty used bookstore, when this obscure tome suddenly fell from an upper shelf, missing hitting Sebastian on the head by mere inches. He took as a sign, and thus began a lifetime of study in exploring and harnessing the astonishing power of human mind.

NO SCRAP OF INFORMATION WAS TOO OBSCURE AND NO MYSTERIOUS SECRET TOO FANTASTIC to be left unpursued! The determination and focus of Sebastian’s studies have taken him around the world, seeking teachers, mystics and shamans from the back alleys of Bombay to the monasteries of Ulaanbaatar. Disciplines include psychology, body-language, subconscious communication, alternative cognitive structure, neuro-synapictic transmission potentials, ancient magic, fakir disciplines, and yogi techniques.

He soon realized that a life devoted to rigorous personal training, while fulfilling, would not have an effect on the world at large. HE KNEW THIS KNOWLEDGE MUST BE DISSEMINATED to the public! Therefore, Sebastian also engaged in a similarly diligent devotion to the study of showmanship and the craft of presentation. Sebastian combines his lifetime’s worth of mysterious knowledge and extraordinary skills into A WONDROUS SHOW for the entertainment, enlightenment, and inspiration of all audiences!