Questions That are Frequently Asked

Anticipating information you may need, Sebastian has posted responses to the most commonly asked questions. Please click a question to reveal the answer.

~ How much does Sebastian charge? ~

This is an excellent question. While there are standard fees, how much Sebastian is remunerated for his services is dependent on the unique requirements and location of your event. It is best to contact him and discuss what you need and how Sebastian can be of service, and he will be glad to present you with a quote. You can also fill out an event form here.

~ Does Sebastian actually read minds? Does he genuinely have heightened mental powers? ~

Yes, Sebastian possesses heightened mental powers, due to a lifetime spent in continuous and rigorous training of his mind. Like learning any other discipline (a language, a sport), these mental skills can be obtained by anyone willing to put in the demanding effort involved.

Sebastian’s remarkable mental demonstrations have amazed audiences and baffled scientists all over the world. Still, there are skeptics who claim Sebastian’s true skill is that he is an exceptional performer who seamlessly presents the illusion of superior mental abilities for entertainment. Sebastian encourages you to judge for yourself.

And, by the way, he knew you were going to ask that.

~ Can Sebastian travel? ~

Yes, by any conventional means, such as a car or airplane. Though he has studied with Tibetan monks who can project their spirit to mountaintops, Sebastian cannot astrally project himself to your event. Yet.

~ Can Sebastian customize his show to our sales presentation, tradeshow, etc? ~

But of course! One of the great aspects of mentalism (as opposed to other forms of entertainment) is how the demonstrations can be tailored to your unique event and feature your messaging.

~ Can Sebastian help us write our presentation, trade show, meeting, etc? ~

ABSOLUTLY! This is only one of the many qualities that separates Sebastian from other performers (who no doubt are enjoyable in their own way). He has years of experience writing engaging and informative presentations. Hire Sebastian to write and entertain at your event, and you’ve saved yourself a phone call, and gained priceless peace of mind knowing your show is in capable and professional hands.