Sebastian’s Shows and Skills

Sebastian specializes in performing mentalism. Mentalism is a form of entertainment that features demonstrations of telepathy, clairvoyance, predictions, and telekinesis (otherwise known as mind-over-matter.)

Sebastian’s Shows and Skills can be used in a WIDE VARIETY OF SETTINGS including but not limited to:

Master of Ceremonies

Sebastian’s quick wit and personality will ensure your awards show, sales meeting, or other event needing an MC will be entertaining, lively and memorable.

Walk-Around and Table Entertainment

This is ideal for a small to mid-size gathering. These are demonstrations of mentalism while mingling with guests, or with Sebastian at a separate table where people can join in at their leisure.  Excellent entertainment for informal gatherings, or before (or after) a larger stage show.

Stand-Up or Stage Performance

This is most frequently requested for events such as banquets, corporate events, an award ceremony, or other larger audience. The performance runs 30-45 minutes, featuring extraordinary demonstrations of Sebastian’s mental powers with the assistance of several members of the audience.

Trade Shows

Sebastian knows that a trade show is a competitive environment. Companies work hard to bring leads to their booth. As such, Sebastian’s skills work either as a crowd stopper, or as the main feature of your presentation.

SPECIAL NOTE: unlike a lot of performers, Sebastian has experience writing and producing trade shows. He can write your tradeshow presentation, or tailor his performance to feature your product, message or service.