Geometric Communication

Geometric Communication


Throughout my life, I have experience ceremonies of many different faiths, beliefs, and fraternal organizations. From Shiners to Zoroastrians, these rituals show the power of a communal experience of like minded people to reach into our souls and beyond ourselves.
Unless, of course, you belong to the Grand Order of the Triangle. These are the only two members. The person on the left is Harold Picken, otherwise known as The Royal Point. The person on the left, is George Rowell, known, to Harold, as The High Point. He is also the Mighty Balance Point, since there are three positions of authority but only two members of GOOTT.
The tenants of the Grand Order of the Triangle are vague, but they claim that the triangle is sacred, and that the pyramids were built upside down.  They are also petitioning the government to redesign the dollar bill…


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