What’s in Your Head is On Your Head

What’s in Your Head is On Your Head

phrunology machine

Many are those who are skeptical of  graphology, or handwriting analysis, but still long for a way to interpret  their body’s manifestation of one’s true character, phrenology is just the thing.  The founder of phrenology, Franz Joseph Gall, believed the the brain was composed of 27 “sub-organs” that governed one’s desires and moods. Introduced in 1796, it was hailed as a great achievement in neuroscience. 10 more sub-organs were added later. Those sub organs that got the most use, such as guile, would grow larger and be able to be felt on the surface of the head. In the hands of a trained phrenologist,  no longer would anyone be able to hide their true character.

But science always progresses, and soon hands were not enough. Thus, the invention of the phrenology machine. Not surprisingly, all those who inserted their head in the device showed bumps that marked an inclination toward gullibility and willingness to part with money at the drop of a hat. Also the need to stand on boxes.

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