Your Better Brain

Your Better Brain



It is generally acknowledged that the brain is the most important part of your body. Some would say that every part of the body is equally important, but that is akin to the  parent who says “I love all my children that same” when they clearly favor the one who could play the violin at age 3 over the child who is still eating library paste during breaks as assistant night manager at Kinko’s.

The next few blog posts will about exercises to make Your Brain Better.

For this exercise, read a book or magazine upside down. Not you physically, although that is not ruled out. By turning text upside down, you challenge the brain when reading. If you choose to be upside down physically, the text you are reading should be upside down. To you.  So it might be right side up to someone happening by and wondering why you are reading while hanging by your heels.

In any case, your brain will thank you.

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