Advanced Mind Control-Step 1

Advanced Mind Control-Step 1

hypnotic chair

I am often asked, “Sebastian, how can I develop a mind as fantastically amazing and highly developed as yours?”  The true answer is that, though my devotion to discipline and study could be duplicated, my superior intellect and inherent skills make reaching my level of mental achievement an impossibility for most people. It is the same as the star baseball pitcher or mambo king who possess a quality which eludes most of us, no matter how diligently we hone our curve ball or loosen our hips.

But that does not mean that improvement above the ordinary is out of reach. Quite the contrary. Since most humans consider any sort of effort to be avoided like a flesh-eating virus, advancement to the realm of “superior” in most any field of endeavor is possible for anyone.

That includes training one’s mind to be able to perform feats that boarder on impossible.  However,  as with all training, one should start slowly, gaining confidence with small incremental steps. Mesmerizing household furniture is a great way to start.  I suggest beginning with chairs (as I did), then advancing to a courting bench or fainting couch. If none are available, then a sofa or Barcalounger will suffice.  Once one is proficient at hypnotizing large pieces of furniture, it is time to move on to living things of a lower order, such as gastropods and shellfish.

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