Foie Gras on Demand–from you!

Foie Gras on Demand–from you!


These days foie gras has two strikes against it. More and more cities are banning its sale, and when you can find it, it’s expensive. So what is a gourmand with a taste for internal organs to do?

Science to the rescue! Knowing that the liver is the only human organ that can regenerate itself from damage, the scientists at Stuffit Labs (“Go Stuff Yourself—with your own liver!”) developed a way for diners to have their foie gras and eat it too.

Just like the geese they love to eat, foodies who sign up for the service are force fed until their liver is bloated. Then a surgeon cuts way 20% of their fatty, overstuffed organ, ready to be sautéed with some good olive oil and served on bed of arugula.

A couple weeks later, the liver has regenerated itself, ready to stuffed, and harvested again. And the miracle of foie gras continues, like the circle of fatty life.

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