Welcome to the blog of Sebastian Boswell III, mentalist and entertainer. First things first: I find the word “blog” awkward and would rather not use it.  I’d rather call it a journal or notebook or musings. However I realize that is, in fact, a blog, and everyone recognizes it as such. To fight it would be akin to having me insist that apples are to be called “oysters” or “radial tires.” It is a losing battle and would cause nothing but confusion, especially at the farmers market.

From the website Who Invented It.Net

“Blog is short for weblog. The term weblog was first coined in December 1997 by an American blogger named Jorn Barger. He used it to describe he would “log the web” as he surfed online. Later another blogger named Peter Merholz changed weblog to “we blog” in a 1999 post. Soon people were dropping the other word and just used “blog.””

If the trend continues,  this will one day be called an “og.”

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