Travel Update and Your New Brain

Travel Update and Your New Brain

I haven’t been posting, as I have been traveling through the Amazon rainforest seeking a plant rumored to stimulate the brain to such a vibration that it would be able to process information 10 times faster than usual. This would allow you to be more efficient, take in more information, and still have time to watch watch 9 hours of television per day.
Unfortunately, if one of those hours is devoted to “Jersey Shore,” the positive effects of the stimulant are rendered neutral.

As a mentalist, I hoped that not only would it allow me to process information faster, but allow me to tune into vibrations on new wavelengths. I will test this in the coming months in my shows that feature demonstrations of mentalism. Which, is, of course, all shows.

By the way, you don’t have to be a mentalist, or be engrossed in the rigorous study of mentalism to improve your mind. Every time you remember something, or have a new thought, new connections are made in your brain.
Simply by reading this, you have a new brain.
You’re welcome.

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