The World’s Smallest CEO

The World’s Smallest CEO

Tiny CEO

The story of overcoming great odds to achieve success is an inspiration to all.  One legged tap dancers and armless men who can roll their own cigarette motivate those not so burdened  to focus energies to reach goals,  to shut up and stop complaining, or perhaps further drive you to bitterness because in spite of having no physical handicap your greatest accomplishment is that time you parallel parked perfectly.

This is Hyram P. Goldapple, who, despite being 18 inches tall, founded one of the most successful bathroom fixture companies in America.  He insisted on no special  furnishings or equipment (except for his clothes, which were tailored made by the Hasbro Toy company), and became skilled at using a cane to climb or vault into chairs and reach doorknobs.

He was well loved by his employees, and instituted a number of workplace policies that were considered radical in the 1920’s, when the company flourished. He had casual Fridays, where worker were allowed to loosen their ties. His flextime gave workers the option of coming into work at 8 or 8:15am.  And he allowed his employees to bring dogs to work.

Unfortunately, the dog-friendly policy caused Goldapple’s demise, when a secretary’s jack-terrier mistook him for a chew toy.

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